The haunted House

Welcome to The Haunted House and show you a tour around the spookiest house. BOO

The House is all destroyed

The attic is all wet that they could break as if they are telling you a warning to leave or have the consequences. You can hear someone stomping around.

Look at the living room verything is all sporadic that the floors could break on you and then it would close up on you.

The kitchen is destroyed like if there was a small tornado inside the kitchen. You can hear the sound of someone chopping.

The bed will grab you and you will be sucked into another dimension and won't be able to get back home.

Do not use any of the them the sink, bath tub, and the toilet a spider is gonna jump on your face and leave you apoplectic.

Run as quickly as you can or you will be grabbed by the monster from the ground and won't be able to get out.

In the basement you will find something lurking in the dark. If you see shining in the dark take if you dare be careful it might be a trap if it turns red your in trouble

In the child's room you can hear them laughing objects will be floating in mid air. They also like to play tricks on people. Try to make friends with them if you can or be mean to them and you will be cursed.

That the end of The Haunted House tour. Thank you for visiting our tour

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