The Rock Cycle

Weathering and Erosion

Weathering and Erosion is the process in which natural occurrences as rain, snow, wind, etc. wear down a rock.

Transport and Deposition

Transport and Deposition is the part of the rock cycle where the sediment that is worn away from weathering and erosion, then its transported/deposited to water sources, and different places.


Sedimentation is the action or process of depositing sediment that is submerged in liquid.

Compaction and Cementation

This is where sediments are combined together and start to form a sedimentary rock.

Sedimentary Rock

When sediments are combined to make a rock that is fully made of the sediments that are deposited from weathering and erosion.

Burial High Temps and Pressure

When rocks get super deep into the Earth, when it's near a high temperature source.

Metamorphic Rock

This is the stage where anything that made it down this far into the Earth is being combined together, no matter what it is.

Melting and Magma

When anything down there gets re-melted again and then it turns into magma.

Magma Molten Crust and Mantle

It's part of the core of the Earth it is really deep into the Earth. And it's where a lot of magma is in the Earth.

Intrusive Igneous and Extrusive Igneous Rock

Intrusive Igneous Rock is magma that is inside the earth, it cools very slowly, Extrusive Igneous Rock is Magma that comes out of the Earth and it cools fast.

Slow Uplift to the Surface

Is magma that is slowly making it's way up to the surface.