Beauty and Knowledge

In a world of Transcendentalism, Beauty and Knowledge are two of the main important points. Beauty, as you may know, is how a person looks. But in a world if a Transcendentalist, is how the world around you looks, and the true beauty of nature. It is a good way to view nature and as a way of how things are really supposed to be because it's completely natural. This view of beauty is better than the other ways because everything with the Transcendentalist representation of beauty is natural, which lo means everything is supposed to be the way it is.

Morality is following/doing what is right, all the time. Sometimes following religions, or ways of life, can be what is not right. The transcendentalists believed in doing good all the time. Who would want to do harm? Bad people who aren't transcendentalists. Transcendentalism is a wonderful way of life because everything is positive and good.

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