The Portal

By: Ali

The Portal

Our story begins with Lebron James and Leo Messi. When they woke up, they did their morning duties like brushing their teeth and taking a shower. After that they went down from there mansion for some random reason they felt lonely. So then they got in there awesome there awesome sports car and drove off to the stadium to play a game. But when they were driving they felt weird because there was no one driving or walking. So when they reached to they reached to the stadium, they saw no one there so they waited for two hours, so they left the stadium with their sports car and went to the airport and then, they saw each other so they ask where are you going both of them said Beijing so they said why don’t we go together so off they went on an awesome looking jet but when they were going to lift up they saw a big armed aircraft which was in the direction that they were going to so they followed the aircraft to Beijing because they saw their fans and other weird people so once when they landed on an edge of a rock, but then there plane fell. So then they saw an awesome looking war plane so they went running there but then Leo Messi bumped into a tree, and something fell so he then he took it off his head and BAM it was the war plane keys so they hopped in and when close to the other plane but then Lebron accentually pressed a random button, BAM then plane started shooting at the other plane. But then CHA BLAM a portal opened to a whole new world! But then the armed aircraft went in the portal BAM they were gone so Leo Messi and Lebron James thought that they should go. So BLAM they flew in so they look at each other and saw that they were all cartoon. They didn’t care so they just went with it so once when they landed they walked until they reached a bridge that was over a river so they crossed and when they reached the other side they heard a BAM then a BOOM so they looked back IT WAS THE BIGGEST TROLL YOU CAN IMAGEN so they ran for their life until they reached a tree with a big mouse so they hid at the back of the tree but then that mouse was really EPIC MICKEY, so then so Lebron james asked if he wants to join Mickey said yes so off they went. After a while they reached to a volcano so when they were walking they saw a fire ball being shot to this walking mushroom so they hid at the back of a rock. But then they saw a guy coming But then they saw a guy coming But then they saw a guy coming But then they saw a guy coming But then they saw a guy coming But then they saw a guy coming so they looked it was MARIO so then they felt safe so after that they asked Mario if he would want to join Mario said yes so off they went up the volcano then when they saw the big castle were the big ship was so then it was time to fight so then they were about to run in but then Epic micky and Mario gave them something. Leo messi got a glove that can shoot fire balls. Lebron got an awesome looking sword. So BAM they fought their way. Once when they got up to the flour were the ship was so then they saw a locked room so they tried their weapons it broke the lock and saved there people but when they were running they got stopped by this guy with this ultimate amour and weapons so then Mickey started hitting him with magic but then it hit him back to a wall. Then it’s Mario’s turn he shot some golden fire balls but then it hit him to a wall. This was not good. So it’s Leo Messi turn he hit him with too many fire ball’s that he got shot up to a wall. So then it’s up to Lebron so Lebron hit him with his sword but a block so he did it again but this time he sliced him in the back BBAAAMMMM Hit alllllllllllllll the way to space so then an awesome victory for them! (But then went Leo Messi got up the portal gun landed on him so they can they can go back home and come back so then they went back with their people and lived happily ever after. Well not the bad guys.

BY: Ali


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