Read Aloud Project  

If you are interested in participating in the Read Aloud Project, please send an email to Michelle Leggett or click on the Participants Padlet wall below.  Please include the following:

  • Name
  • Campus Number of classes you would like to try connecting
  • Grade Level and Book Choice

If you have lower readers, you can choose another book besides Fish.   I will work on getting you connected with another teacher unless you have someone in another district/ location you wish to reach out to for connection.


What's Involved

The main goal is for you to read aloud for about 5 minutes with your class.  The books are selected because of the topics and short chapters.  How much you do other than that is up to you.  We would like this to be an opportunity for students to see how reading can bring people together to share experiences, ideas, etc.

If you partner with a teacher, you both can set a schedule to decide IF you want to extend the learning to blogging, Skyping, Google Hangouts, post discussions in Edmodo, or use some other tool with them.  An ETS will assist you with these tools.

Pearland Read Aloud

We are also offering the ability to do a partnering with another Pearland ISD school for the standard books you read in the class with your students.