Cody Feller 4-21-15

C.F. Gloves helping you play like the pros

C.F. Shoes offers pro preferred gloves to players of all ages helping you play like a pro.

Black Rawlings Glove = X

Cost to Make $50: 50 x X

Sell Price $200: 200 x X

Profit $150: 150 x X

Wilson A2K Glove =Y

Cost to Make $75: 75 x Y

Sell Price $300: 300 x Y

Profit $225: 225 x Y

Total profit =150X x 225Y

Restrictions: In my startup phase I can’t spend more than $5,000 each month, or sell more than 30 black Rawlings, or more than 20 A2K gloves. I have $10,000 to spend and can’t use more than 75% on one product.

x≥0, x≥30

y≥0, y≥20


x= Black Rawlings glove  y= Wilson A2K Glove

Profits will be made by subtracting the costs from the selling price

*per month

Sell= $200x+$300y


Profits= sell-cost

Profit= (200x-500x) + (300y-75y)


P= $150x+$225y

Maximizing Profits

(x,y) P=$50x+$75y

*point was (30,46.67) you cant sell .67 of a glove so rounded it to 46

*(30,46) P=$50(30)+$75(46)



*(30,20) P=$50(30)+$75(20)



*(70,20) P=$50(70)+$75(20)



According to the numbers, monthly profits will be maximized if I sell 70 pairs of Black Rawlings Glove and 20 pairs of Wilson A2k Gloves a month. This would give me $5000 of profit a month, opposed to $4950 from (30,46) or $3000 from (30,20). This model for profit tells me that this could be a profitable business.