The Odd Couple Review

Connor Mahoney
September 11

On July 9th, at the Monomoy theater in Chatham, I saw The Odd Couple. It was an great comedy with some minor flaws. The show was presented on a proscenium stage with the same set the whole time. The set was placed as Oscar's living room, with a table for poker, a couch, door to the kitchen, and hallway to the other rooms in his apartment. Oscar has to live in the apartment since his recent divorce. In the divorce his wife received custody of all their belongs, including his children. This is why he is able to have the gang over his house every night for poker. When his best friend Felix becomes suicidal, Oscar is able to offer one of his available rooms in the apartment. Throughout the show, in a comical kind of manner, you can see why Felix and his wife separated through Oscars frustration. Oscar has the crowd in awe until he starts to stumble on lines and break character. This put Felix in the spotlight as he starts to improve to save his fellow actor. The show ends with Felix moving in with twin British girls that Oscar introduces Felix to. The lighting only changed when intermission arose and the lights in the auditorium went dim. The only sound affects that happened was the sound of a slamming door when Oscar or Felix would go into the kitchen frustrated and the phone ringing when Oscars ex-wife would call him. At the end of the night, I walked out of the Monomoy theater with a smile on my face after seeing the odd couple.

IPP Prep

In class we worked on a prep of the IPP on Friday, September 13th. We walked around the room to examine pictures of the Boston Bombing that happened on April 15th 2013. Ms. Botsford played calming music as we analyzed the images and/or read the articles. Unfortunately, I was not able to read the articles, but was captivated by what I saw in the images. I feel the music also helped us zone into the photo and feel like we were there when the incident happened. After, we watched an video that was still about the bombing. The video talked about how a runner was saved by a women in the stands. The runner was hard of hearing and didn't remember the woman's name, but wanted to thank her. The woman who was saved reached out to the newscasters and begged for help to find her victim. In the end, the two women were reunited for a proper thanking.

After watching the video, we were separated into group and had to use a specific theatrical way to perceive the message that the group was trying to convey. For example, my group had to express our message through a series of tablos. A tablo is when a certain amount of people create a picture with themselves. They use their inspiration to show with their actions what has happened in the scene or past. We used two photos to gain our inspiration and had to create four tablos that flowed with one another. When we performed ours, we performed with the dancing group beside us so it looked as they were reacting from our actions. The cool thing about this visual scene was that the two groups didn't work together and we didn't know how they would react to our tablos. This class helped me gain a better understanding to what I wanna do for my IPP now.

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