My Summer

By: Trystan Smith

The first thing that I did over the summer is say goodbye to my best friend. The day she was due to leave I spent the night at her house and when the morning came I went with her to the airport. Of course we cried before we left, while we were in the car going to the airport, and we also cried at the airport. It's probably one of the hardest things to do to say goodbye to someone you spent so much time and became like family with. We still kept in touch over the summer and she plans to come back and stay in Michigan to study so I'll be able to visit her.

This doof is my boyfriend. While usually I am an inactive person that just likes to stay home all day he's a guy that's usually full of energy and is always going. He's the reason that I actually got out of the house this summer and tried things that I would normally never do. Such as riding on a boat or shooting a gun, trying sushi for the first time. With him its always fun and full of smiles and laughter. He made this summer the most best and active I've ever had. He's my best friend and I'm so happy I got to have so much of his time.

The rest of my time was spent at the YMCA. Which is where I'm at majority of the time, along with my friends and my mother. I love it there! I love the people, the employees, I love everything about that place. It's the best place to be. In my opinion anyway

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