Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! An Australian interpretation of the documentary

As I am an Australian, I interpret that pretty much the whole of the American population is obese by eating way too much unhealthy food. I thought that alcohol would be a big issue but that might just be for Australia. The American society is dealing with over eating and not enough exercise issues. Fast food is a big reason to why people are so obese and unhealthy which could cause severe harm to the body. It was astonishing to see the amount of damage it can do to just eat it in thirty days which that’s what Morgan did, but in the documentary, he said that there are people that eat McDonalds weekly.

Towards the end of his diet, he became so tired and actually looked so unhealthy. It also showed that the health company that was assisting Morgan in his process was shut down during the documentary. It just shows how easy a health care company can be taken away but for a company that makes people happy for a short period of time, gets people sick and obese is not getting shut. I don’t say that in way that we should close McDonalds down completely, but I do feel that there is way too many stores available in the country and if they want a difference, reducing the amount of places its located would be a start.

A lot of weight loss and slim drinks have come about that Americans think that if you have a protein drink, you will become smaller, but that’s not true. Exercise needs to be regularly for all Americans to ensure a well-balanced lifestyle. I think that you should probably have any fast food only on a rare occasion to never.

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