Journey to London
by:  Aspen Mrak

The above picture is a double decker bus. Buses in London have a second floor, they are called double decker buses. Some buses only have one floor. If you knew how many seats were on the lower deck, how could you figure out how many total seats are on a double decker bus?

Can you identify any 3D shapes in the above picture?

As you can see from this map, it is very far to London.  It is 4,475 miles from Dallas to London.  How many miles is it to London and back?  It takes 9 hours to get there and 12 hours to get home.  On the plane to keep yourself entertained you can relax, watch movies and read.  Plus the best part is free food.

The Google London Office runs all of Europe, Middle East and Africa

The offices are in a tall building in Central London

They are not any normal offices.  They have ball pits, scooters, legos and lots of free food and snacks.  There is a gym for working out and a nap room.  Every window has a view of London.

In Google, there is a theatre for youtubers.  They are welcome to film at Google anytime.

Since nobody has an office to themself, they have meeting pods for people to use.

There are a lot of murals on the walls at Google.

The Tower of London is a palace built in 1066 by William the Conqueror.  It is on the Thames River and was the key to London.  

The Tower of London is most well known as a prison.  Many famous people were beheaded at the Tower.  King Henry VIII beheaded his wife Anne Boleyn and many other people at the Tower.  

6 Ravens live at the Tower.  If they leave the Kingdom will fall.

The Crown Jewels live at the Tower of London.

The Tower Bridge opened in 1894 and it raises and lowers for boats to pass underneath.  You can walk across the Tower Bridge.

There are lots of ways to get around London including double decker buses, taxi cabs, ferry boats, subways and trains.  I am showing you some of these above.  I rode on all of them plus a car, a plane and the tube.

St. Paul's Cathedral was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1675 after the Great Fire of London.  If you climb the steps to the Whispering Gallery you can hear someone talk through the walls.

Thank you for watching my journey to London.  I would prefer that you totally go.  But the only bad part is the plane ride.