Moon's importance


The moon effects Earth in many different ways. Such as tides and night skies. The moon has effect on many people daily life to. Earth has two tides  spring tide and nap tide. We also have two eclipse solar and lunar eclipse.

The moon has phases because of the earth, sun, and the rotation of the moon and earth. When the moon is behind the earth it is a lunar eclipse. And when the moon is between the sun and the earth it causes a solar eclipse. This causes moon phases because of the sun and the earth that blocks light from the sun that doesn't reach the moon. because of all of this it causes moon phases.


Tides appear everywhere, there are two different type of tides spring and neap tide. Tides happen because of the sun and the moons pull of gravity. Spring tides are when one side of the world is experiencing high and the other is experiencing low. Neap is when it has a equal pull on all sides of the world. They effect earth on making islands smaller and leave banks with no water.

The moon effects us in many way. Its apart of daily life of water, people, and animals. If we didn't have the moon we will not have tides, light at night, and water in some places. Also we won't  have lunar or solar eclipses. Without the moon it will effect many people daily life's.

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