Wonderful Lotus

By: Megan Villaescusa & Melissa Escamilla

Our design depicts two flowers on top of each other laying above a lily pad in the middle of a lake. This flower is known as the "Wonderful Lotus". There are 7 petals on one flower and 4 on the other. The lily pad is represented with a circle. The flower on the bottom was created with two lemniscate equations and the flower laying on top was created with a rose equation.  

While creating the Lotus flower, my partner and I experimented with the types of graphs we had available for example we tried making the petals using the circle graph at first but decided to use lemniscate and rose graphs instead to add a more realistic and lively effect to the picture.

My partner and I learned that not all equations may be graphed. There are many specifications and details that need to be made before actually graphing and inputting an equation on to the paper in order for a solution to be possible.

Actually creating and graphing a design came out to be enjoyable. However, having to think of something to draw and a background story for it didn't come out to be so enjoyable especially without a central theme to go around. Adding to that the processes online were a little bit challenging and complicated at times for us to comprehend. The extra time and thorough expla


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