The New Laws

entry two

The fallowing rules must be obeyed.

1. Emperor: must make weekly announcement at the capital, to keep up appearances to the public and show structure.  

2. Shogun: must double training and efforts in the strategics of warfare, to better are forces agents attackers.

3. Daimyo: have to hand over 50% of profits,money mill be used to better the community.

4. Samuri: must double there training, to strength Japan's strength

5. Ronin: must travel in pairs after dark, to stay alert and safe if not in doors.

6. Peasants: must give 50% of there crops to the Daimyo, then there share becomes bigger and that means that there will also be more money going to the community.

7. Artisans: must double there outcome of product and sell all of it to merchants, so merchants have more to trade for.

8. Merchants: must give 50% of there profits to make better of the comunity

9. Out casts: will be killed on site if they step foot in the city,

this is so there are less people for rioting.

10. Women: must be in doors before four pm, for safety purposes and to assure children are being teen care of more.

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