By : Hibah Sikander & Mealani Quach

Oxygen is a very necessary element for the human body. The symbol for Oxygen is a capitalized O. The Atomic number of Oxygen is 8, and the atomic mass is 16. Oxygen is 30 cents per 100 grams. This element is commonly used for breathing, medicine, oxygen sensors, oxygen masks, and it's also used as an respirator. Some interesting facts about Oxygen is it's the third most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen and helium. It also is known as Earth's most common component in the Earth's crust, at  49%. Also, Oxygen is one of the two major components of air. Oxygen is also produced by plants during the process of photosynthesis, and it's necessary for animals & humans to breathe. Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered it in Sweden in 1772, but in 1774 in London, England, Joseph Priestly had helped develop it even further. In 1778, Lavoisier had finished the discovery of the element Oxygen in the city of France. Don't hate me, respirate me.

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