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        Before I start my blog I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a seventh grader from a little place that you might or might not know. Oakhurst California. This place is in the mountains a real nice and very quiet place and I love to explore, shoot, and crazy things that might hurt me because I'm in it for the DANGER. Also I will blog every day except for weekends.


          Today I had loads of Crazy things happen like shape poems and other weird thing like  playing basketball and losing all five balls over a fence. The fence is there because our school is building a gym and knowing me I went and got the balls but that was after I HAD to ask or I would of been in detention and if anything else happens within today I'll let you be the first to know.

            OK it has been a couple hours but I'm here with more on today and what I did was played soccer, did math, and played Frisbee (I'm really good by the way). This was my second part of today and when I get home I'm going to do some more dangerous things like going to the top of my mountain that I live on and or ride my dirt bike that is so old and the motor is horrible, but it still works perfectly and flawlessly. Also it goes very fast for how old the bike is. I have had someone work on it for two weeks and if you ask me he is a miracle worker. Also he had do do it hillbilly style with the parts that he had laying around.


        Over my weekend I had some things go down like going paintball with two of my friends and some of the shots hurt but all I have are some bruises. Sunday my bunny gave birth to three little bunnies but they died that night mostly because she didn't nurse them and she moved them into the cold of midnight, but we also got chickens that day and only mine died so I didn't have the best weekend.

            Now to get too modern day by me telling you what I have done today like when I hung out with a couple of my friends and we played soccer and apparently my ninja name is "Novice Wing" witch makes no scene at all if you ask me. If you know what it means then tell me in the comments.

Another Awesome Blogger

   Hey I am @Keyleeandersen another blogger and a friend of Josh. I would like some ideas for new tack and what to blog about. If you give me a story, I will put it down.

                                                                                          - Keylee, y'all have a good day!!!!

If you want to know more about me just tell me in the comments so I can do something.


         Hello again world if you were wondering what I was doing or what I did. You're in the right place. Today I had to grade tackks that our class had to do. It was about the 1850's (a.k.a I did slavery with my friend Keylee who also has a blog and you might want to look at @keyleeandersen but our report was on this acount @Keyz_Josh). Back to my day. In English Language Arts I'm working and poems for a poem book so when I'm done I will add it or tomorrow when I have a couple more and if not I will finish as fast as I can to get it to you. 1'st period.

        In math I worked on a fast thing with two of my classmates Theo and Brayden. We were the first three to be done because we are in the top five smartest kids in the class. Then later while I was waiting for my teacher to let us go to the buses I played balloon tower defense 5 and I actually am rank 33 witch is really good in my perspective. If you have a better rank just tell me in the comments. 2'nd period


If you think this is majestic like I do awesome and if not fine.


         Hello again and sorry I didn't post yesterday and that's because I didn't have time but still I didn't do much.

       I finally got my poems done so here you go and by the way I'm making my own song.

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2 years ago

If you think I can to anything to make my blog better or something that i could (let's be reasonable) do anything that could spice up the my blog

2 years ago

Cool blog! Sorry to hear about your baby bunnies! Novice means beginner or new so maybe that's what your new soccer nickname means. 😄