The Fuzzy Fury

The beginning...

It began long ago when a scientist dropped a vile behind his lab table. Thinking nothing of it the scientist continued his work. Little did he know that the vile he had dropped was able to create a life. The liquid immediately gets itself to the closest thing. In this case it was dust. After four long hours a monster was born. The first of his kind... The Fuzzy Fury.

Never let the big eyes fool you. This monster lures its victims in by being seemingly cute and extremely fuzzy...but one touch of the fuzz and you will be turned into a pile of dust which it will them feed on until there is nothing left.

Things to know about this evil creature is as follows:

Hight: 5 inches

weight: 100 pounds (don't let size fool you)

Diet: dust bunnies

Choice of environment: anywhere dark and infested with dust bunnies.

Warning: extremely dangerous, uses its big eyes and fuzzy skin to hypnotize people into touching it.

Family tree: No one is sure how many of this kind are out there. But it is believed that He travels at a lightning fast speed from conner to conner never staying in one place for too long.

Precautions: This monster is not safe. So next time you look under your bed... and see the little dust bunnies piling up in the conner...CLEAN THEM...or the Fuzzy Furry will come...and he is not as cute as he seems.

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