Dezarae Jimenez

Photography Portfolio


I took this picture at an elementary school basketball court. This photo was turned in with my elements project. I used a low view point and a good field of depth.


This photo was taken at the same elementary school. I used rule of thirds and a low view point of the basketball hoop.

Hewitt Park

Took this at entering Hewitt Park from the entry way through the neighborhood. This was turned in with the elments assignment because of the natural frame.

Lit up

A lighthouse on South Padre that lights up different colors. I used rule of thirds and turned in for nature project.


I took this picture at South Padre Island over spring break. This was turned in with the nature project. I placed the the focus point (starfish) to the right using the rule of thirds.

Long Walk On The Beach

Turned this in for nature project. Took over spring break and South Padre on a very cold and foggy day..

Day Light

I used a low view point and pit the lamp off to the side and captured the sun going down behind it. Then got out the road before a truck hit me.

Getting clothes dirty before going to dinner

She got on our trampoline when she wasnt supposed to. So I got a few nice shots from behind before her pants turned brown.

Modeling on Point

I used a high view point and got some shots of her laying back looking into the hot Texas sun.

Does Not Want To Be Here

Dragged my brother when he was actually dressed nicely one day and used his penny board as a prop for my Portraits assignment.

Pretty Fly For A (not) White Guy

My brother started making faces and groaning because our parents were forcing him to help me. So he messed up his hair out of frustration and I go this shot.

Up and Down

Hannah Densman at Twin Rivers golf course

Marching with Pride

MHS Band at the Midway varsity game versus Harker Heights.

Georgia for the Birdie putt

Georgia Hamby at hole 7 art Twin Rivers.

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