The reason why I like this brand is because they got one of my dream car. My dream car I want to have from Nissan is a Skyline R34 & R35.
I like this brand because I love the car parts. The only thing I would hate this brand will be if they stop making good car parts for cars.
I like Mitsubishi because I like my dream car there and it's Evolution. The only thing I will hate it is if they stop making the Evolution.
I love this brand because of how warm the clothes is. I would hate this brand if they stop making warm clothes during the winter.
I like this team because I'm from MN. I like the player even tho the team suck. The only thing I'll hate this team is if they're not good.

Some things that popular logos have in common is that they have something special about the logo they have. For example for the Jdm logo there is something special about it because of the color and the way they produce car parts that makes your car look good. Well the car parts is what makes it memorable because nowadays there is so many cars have some products that is from the logo Jdm.

If I would to make a logo I would make something that will represent my hmong culture because of the way I like my culture and the way I'm slowly learning the Hmong traditional culture at funeral. So I will make something that represent it.