steps to revise/edit a short story

by: emily childress, micah mckinnie, skylar

First to writing a short story you need to write about something important to you, so you can really connect with the story.  once you have that you can start your exposition, your exposition is where you introduce the characters, setting ( make sure its vivid ), and lastly your conflict.  after that then you can start the rising action, which is where you build up to the conflict.  the conflict is where the character changes.  Then you can start writing your falling action which where you lead to the resolution.  the resolution is where you solve the climax.  make sure to include all the stages of plot, and make sure in your conflict you have both external and internal problems. and make sure when your revising and editing you underline varied dialogue tags, dialogue, transition words, climax or where the character changed, and descriptive details, if you cant underline or don't have any of the things i listed add it. Hope you write an amazing short story... I know it will be great!!

Some positives to writing a short story are sometimes your partner gives you feed back that is really good but sometimes they write yes or no which are negatives to writing a short story

this is showing the conflict or where the characters change

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