The Assignment

"I need you to create a time machine." my boss told me. You see, I work in a inventors lab for the government. "We need to stop some classified files from being stolen." At that moment I was wondering why they picked me for the assignment. I was one of the unsuccessful inventors. "Okay" I replied and walked back to me station.

After a few weeks I finished the machine "Sydney!" I call her over because I am going through the door shaped time machine and I need someone to press the button. "Yes,us everything all right?" she asked " Just fine, I need you to hit that green button over there when I say go. Okay?" I say hoping she will agree with out overthinking things. "Alright! But before you do something crazy I want to know why you chose the green button and not the red!" We were told to always use the red buttons, but didn't like that rule. "Red is to stereotypical don't you think? Go!" Sydney hit the button and the wind started blowing...inside a building! that is when I stared getting nervous. I set the year to 1965 thinking it would be a good year to test the machine out in. "Good luck!" Sydney yelled as a stepped though the machine.

I arrived in a dark alley way full of trash and rats. "EWW!" I screamed because come on...rats. Then I heard someone say from the entrance of the alley "Need some help Miss?" Being the cults I am and because I was startled I fell into the trash. "Here let me help you." I look up and see and guy about my age in a leather jacket with his long brown hair greased back holding his hand out wanting to help me up. "Thanks" I say "No problem, where do you live I will walk you home." he kindly asked. Then I realized I forgot my 'return home' button! "oh no thank you" I say. trying to get him to go away so I can freak out. "Aw come on, every greaser girl needs and greaser guy." Then it finally register what ridiculous outfit I was wearing. Black boot, black pants, leather jacket, and a halter top for a shirt. What happend! "No thanks, I don't need your help." "Okay, but if you need me my name is Jack." he said starting to leave "Bye!" I say trying to get him to walk faster. As soon as he is gone I can freak out. "What am I going to do!" I say to myself as I start to pace. Then it hits me...literally something hits my head. I turn around and it's the 'return home' button! It has and note on it and the note said I thought you would need this! Love, Sydney. I owe everything to that women. I think as I hit the button.

In a flash I am back at my station. I go over to Sydney and attack her in a hug. "Thank you! A thousand times thank you!" I say to her. She laughs and replies with a "you're welcome." I stop the machine and start filling out some paper work. Then I realize, Jack never left... he was watching me the whole time. Oh no, what did I just do?

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