Uncommon Valor A Vietnam Story By: Jedi Mind Tricks  

First Verse: Jedi Mind Tricks

Imagery: Describes experiences as if he were in the war. Describes his actions of killing innocent people and how that is wrong.

Syntax- Pauses when switching to a different event or emotion

Diction- Civilians or words that describe innocent people, Operation names like rolling thunder, Also words that show his fear

Details/allusions- explains a story of a man in vietnam uses specific events that actually happened in the war. Example: Operation Rolling Thunder was an operation by the United States to bomb North Vietnam until they made an agreement.

Tone- Harsh, Tired, Fearful

Second Verse: R.A. The Rugged Man

Imagery- Describes experiences of Vietnam of killing people as if it were fun and games

Syntax- When explaining how he feels he slows down but when describing specifics he raps fast.

Diction- Amusement, explaining events that he did to people

Details/Allusions- Describes agent oranges and about his child dying from the changes that occur because of it.

Tone- Amused, and then Wrathful, and then cold

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