Fall Protection Systems At Industrial Project Sites – Knowing All About Them

Industrial operations require extensive use of fall protection systems and procedures to ensure that the people working at their project sites are kept safe from the many imminent dangers that are part and parcel of day to day operations. This protection extends not only to the workers but also includes managers, engineers and factory owners and the like. Every person who can ever come into contact with the operational side of the industry needs to be thought of when designing industrial fall protection systems.

The most general categories for industrial safety products are arc flash protection, chemicals and janitorial supply, cutlery, emergency response, facility maintenance, fall protection, feminine care products, fire fighting, floor and carpet care and heat stress supplies. Gears for hand, head, eyes and hearing protection is also found on the list. But to better understand these systems, it is better to divide them into two basic categories. Let us take a closer look at them all.

Hand, head and Hearing protection

These industrial protection equipments are meant to safeguard and facilitate the employees in executing their work. Every task requires the worker to make extensive use of these three faculties of the human body. Hands have to be in constant contact with the machinery and tools that are being used to execute the processes being carried out. This involves exposure to chemicals, heated conditions as well as dangerous machines. Using protective gloves is just one way of making sure the workers stay protected. The most common examples of hand protection are glove dispensers, glove accessories and all sorts of hand gloves. Hand gloves include inspector gloves, cotton gloves, chemical resistant gloves and finger cots. Hearing protection will include earmuffs, plugs and corresponding accessories. And head protection will require use of sturdy helmets, goggles and other protective gear.

Fall protection systems

These equipments are designed to prevent employees from falling from heighted work stations and to reduce the impact of falls that might occur. Construction and industrial operations require workmen to operate at dizzying heights and in some cases, like window cleaning jobs, to brave many dangerous situations just to get the work done. To ensure that accidents don’t occur, fall prevention systems are put in place so that employees stay protected. This includes the use of resources like roof anchors and harnesses, ropes, carabiners, helmets, guardrails, netting systems and the like.

Industry Specific Gear

For instance, in fire fighting, different types of bags and organizers are needed. In gas detection and monitoring, calibration, equipment cases and portable gas detectors are created with utmost safety. Breathing apparatus might also be required in case workers have to deal with toxic conditions. These are the basic industrial protection gear that are usually utilised to ensure worker safety across different working environments.

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About The Author

Brent Owens is a safety expert who works hand in hand with many construction companies across the country to ensure that employees are always protected while at work. He recommends CAISafety.com as the best name to trust for high quality fall protection systems.