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Hello everybody.  Thanks for dropping in.

I'm very excited to announce I just landed a lead role in the upcoming series, "The Gallery".  It's a brand new web series rolling out this fall.  Just had our wardrobe fitting.... we start shooting in a matter of days... lots of energy flowing.  Thrilled to be part of Eric Scott's directorial debut.   To satiate your curiosity -- Here's a little tease and sneak peak for your viewing pleasure.....

"Girl whatcha doin' to me..."

Hey, you ever hear a song on a commercial and wish it was a real, live cut you could download and groove with on your iPod?  That seems to be the overwhelming vibe on a spot I had the pleasure to co-star in.  Raphael Saadiq, yes the same cool cat from Tony! Toni! Tone! teaming up with Toyota for a hot new commercial joint.  And for all the inquiring minds who are dying to get this smooth little ditty, sorry to report, it's not available to purchase as a single.  But please feel free to jump on our little party train and jam with us for 30 seconds of fun.

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