The reconstruction period for African Americans was a hard time African Americans had to deal with discrimintion that the whites gave to the Afican Americans. Most African Americans lived in poverty and segregation. Segregation means that African Americans couldn't go to the same church as whites, they couldn't go to the same bathrooms as whites, and African American children couldn't go to the same school as white children. In the 19th century some African Americans would be terrorized by groups of whites that would violently attack African Americans. The most famous clan of whites was the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was a band of white-hooded klansman that rode through the countryside and they would beat up and sometimes murder African Americans and Whites that felt sympathy for African Americans.

During World War 1 African Americans started heading up to Northern cities where they hoped to find good jobs and a better life up there. But most of them were let down since they didn't have the skills they needed for the jobs that they needed. Slums and ghettos started being created within the Northern inner cities of the United States.

During World War 2 new opportunities opened up for African Americans. About a million men inlisted into the army to serve the country- mostly in all-Black units. As time went on more Afircan Americans were able to achieve getting higher in the ranks of the army. Some of which even became pilots and officers.


After the civil war the south had blacks getting into high political postions and the KKK rebelled by attacking all the blacks in the south. Soon after this the whites where surpreme in the South again. Things like the 14th amendment were passed to protect slaves and give them equal freedom like all the other citzens. After Linclon was assinated Andrew Johnson took his place and he vetoed lots of bills that where to help former slaves and sometimes overthrew Linclon's disions and did the oppsite of the former president. He dropped all war debts against the South and let them rebuild how they wanted to. After that the rebupublicans took rebuilding the South, they divided the south into 5 militarry controlled districts which then they dealed with how they were going to punish the south. Another thing that they that they did after the war was ratify the 15th amendment that allowed the black population to vote.

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