Inferences from
"Little Red Riding Hood"

By:Trina Schart

Yadiyah Morgan

Inference -I think the grandmother is looking at how Elisabeth looks in the red cloak

"Promise me that you wont daydream and stray off the path"
Inference - Elisabeth is a little kid andmight get distracted easily and is playful

Inference - He is thinking about how good she and her grandmother will taste

"And where does grandmother live, Little Red Riding Hood?"

Inference - The wolf wants to know where grandmother lives so he can go tothe house before Little Red Riding Hood arvies

Inference - I think he is trying to stall her / distract her so she will be late going to her grandmothers house

"Its me little red riding hood" said the wolf in a tiny voice.

Inference - The author said "in a tiny voice" because kids have little voices and and the wolf is trying to sound like Little red riding hood.

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