Burkina Faso


Smoke rises from Burkina Faso’s parliament Ouagadougou amid protests over plans to extend Compaore's rule.

African protests have often been co-opted by elites, who, through subterfuge and deceit, subvert its political content into more narrow agendas.

Taken Advantage of.

Nationalist elites are able to reap the benefits of independence. Once in power, the elites quickly replicated many of the ruling practices introduced by colonial regimes, devoting much energy to demobilizing the popular constituencies that brought them to power in the first place.

Lied to.

Blaise Compaoré

Took over Burkina Fasco by military coup

He is currently under the fire for trying to change the constitution so he can extend his rule in office to 30 years.


1. Blockade of parliament

2. Street battles during an anti-government rally by hundreds of thousands of demonstrators

3. Police used tear gas to deter the demonstrators

4. Torched government buildings

5. The military fired rubber bullets at the civilians

6. Protesters burnt documents and stole computer equipment, while cars outside were set ablaze

7. The presidential guard fired on civilians killing at least 3 people

1. Some citizens flee Burkina Faso to neighboring countries to escape the tyranny of Blaise Compaoré.

2. But Blaise Compaoré has upset all the neighboring countries

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