Nerd Newsletter!

Lots of tutorials and tech tools to try out in this edition of Nerd Newsletter. There is something for everyone as the majority of these tools work on multiple types of devices.


I posted about OneNote in my previous Nerd Newsletter, but I'm posting it again because I believe it to be a tool of great value for all students and all teachers. I've worked with teachers to use it for documentation/conferencing. I've also worked with classrooms to use it for writing/research. Lots of possibilities. If you are unfamiliar with OneNote, these tutorials are a great place to start.


Thinglink has been around for a few years now, but I never really pushed it out. It is a great free resource that teachers could use to present any topic, and students can use to demonstrate their learning. Below is a sample from my blogpost about it last week. Just hover over the picture and you'll see what I mean.

Kindergarten Punctuation Project

Mrs. Kuehnert's class made a punctuation collection using Hello Color Pencils and Shadow Puppet. They wrote a sentence with a period, question mark, and an exclamation point. Importing all three images into Shadow Puppet was a little tricky as the activity took multiple visits. They had a hard time finding all their images as they made them on separate days. It really did turn out well considering they had only been using Shadow Puppet for a week and it was the first time they had used multiple pages in their recording.


Sumdog is a great resource for math fact practice. Why you ask? Because it is one of the few skill and drill resources that's actually fun. My daughter has a distaste for math...but she will volunteer to do Sumdog. My post has directions on how to create an account, set up student accounts and much more.

Math Learning Center

Math Learning Center has a number of iPad apps and webtools that are sets of virtual manipulatives. I think these would be fantastic to use with an interactive whiteboard or even with the pen on your laptop as you and use the tools and write directly on the canvas.