Gasoline Powered Automobile- 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The Duryea brothers invented the first ever gasoline-powered automobile. This helped with transportation to and from a location. The basic concept of gasoline-powered automobiles is still used today, but like most inventions is now more advanced. Now, most cars are designed in America but are built in other countries. When they were first invented, they were an American made design.

First Successful Powered Flight- 1903

Wright Brothers- Wilbur and Orville

In 1903, the Wright brothers invented a powered airplane tried flying it in North Carolina. It took them many tries to get but finally, the plane took off. This was known as the first powered flight in history. This event occurred on December 17, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, NC. The Wright brothers were then made famous for their design of the airplane. Airplanes are still used today, however look nothing like they used to. Now, the average airplane can hold about 200 people versus the 2 that it used to hold.

Gasoline Engine- 1876

Nicholas Otto

In 1876, Nicholas Otto invented the first practical gasoline powered engine. This helped with the inventions of the first automobile. Today, we still use gasoline powered engines however the design of them has changed. They are made differently because of the newer model cars they are being put into.

The Telephone-1876

Alexander Graham Bell

Lightbulb- 1879

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented a way to communicate. They called it the telephone, this helped people communicate from close and far distances. Every telephone is assigned a number in which other telephones can call it. This had a great impact on the world and is actually still used today, but is a little more advanced. Now all around the world, people use telephones to keep in touch and to just see how people are doing.

Thomas Edison

Whenever your power goes out at home and you don't have lights, this is how they lived before Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. In 1879, Edison invented a way for you to be able to see if its dark outside. Unless they used fire, people couldn't see when it got dark out so they just started to go to bed but once Edison created the lightbulb, people started to stay up later. Now, we still use lightbulbs in our lights today however, just like most inventions, the lightbulb is more advanced.  

Seismograph- 1880

John Milne

John Milne invented the seismograph in 1880 to measure the intensity of earthquakes. This is mostly only used by scientists but is still used today. When an earthquake occurs, the scientists start up the seismograph which writes in little lines on a paper. This makes a sort of pattern but as the earthquake changes its intensity, the lines change sizes. The smaller the earthquakes, the smaller the lines.

Typewriter- 1873

Christopher Sholes

Christopher Sholes first invented the typewriter in 1873. He then sold this idea to Remington and Sons. This machine was used so you could quickly type out letters to send to people. The typewriter is not used today, however they are sold for lots of money now. Some people today may still use typewriters but usually they are just there for looks and decoration. Today, we use printers and computers if we want to type something out or send out a letter.

Phonograph- 1877

Thomas Edison

Phonographs were used to play music. You would place the record on the spin table and the poker would play the music on the record. It would play the music through this big megaphone to amplify the music, making it louder. People used them at parties and at home just hear the music. Phonographs were later called record players and no longer had the big megaphone. Now, we no longer use record players unless you like the sound of them or just like them for decoration or the older feeling of them. Today we use cds and mostly we just use iphone, ipods, or mp3s.

Carbon Filament for Lightbulbs- 1882

Lewis Latimer

Lewis Latimer invented the carbon filament inside of lightbulbs. This was an invention based off of Edison's lightbulb however had a part in the lightbulb that was different from what Edison had invented. This part is in the center of the lightbulb and helps the lightbulb last longer. Without this piece the lightbulb wouldn't last as long and would need changed after every few days.

Automatic Dishwasher- 1886

Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane made an invention that made it easier for women to wash the dishes. Originally, you had to wash all dishes by hand but when the invention came out, that changed. The automatic dishwasher was an object where you could load all your dishes in, add soap and then start it. This washed all your dishes in just a few hours. This idea is still used today but is now more advanced. This has helped families clean kitchens quickly and more efficiently.

Hand Held Camera- 1888

George Eastman

In 1888, George Eastman created the first hand held camera. This invention made it possible for people to take pictures without having to carry around lots of equipment. Cameras like this are still used today, however are more advanced. This design made it easier for us to create the newer more advanced cameras. So thanks to Eastman we can capture moments as they come.

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