Using Propaganda Today

Bandwagon- All of the winners are using this product so you should too.

This really appeals to children because it makes you feel like if you drink Gatorade you will win no matter what. It also makes the Gatorade look superior to the competition.

Glittering Generalities- The old spice smells good so you should use.

This Old Spice picture makes men who wear Old Spice look like Kings and gives them a majestic look. Children would want to use this product because they think it will help them talk to girls and look like this.

Testimonial- Shaq uses it so you should too.

Everyone knows Shaq was a great basketball player and he uses Icy hot so it makes the youth want to use this product when they have a little pain from the sport they are playing.

plain folks- These people eat Honey Nut Cheerios and so should you.

This picture shows the average family sitting down and eating a bowl of Cheerios. This makes children think that they are obligated to eat these Cheerios if they are the an average family.

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