Kendra Green    4/17/14

There are some things in life
that people suppress.    

We throw up barricades
like physical walls
between ourselves and others.

Imprisoned behind these masks
society has expected us to wear

I used to wear mine.
Far to afraid of what people think of the

Hours in the morning
wasted thoughtlessly while
I chose my outfit carefully and layered on the
makeup- that truthfully did not look good

That was my mask.

Only as far as the surface
do people look.

So of course I wanted to disguise mine.

What they don't see are
the diamonds below.

So I ripped off my mask.
Why should I have to impersonate
someone I'm not to be liked?

I shouldn't. And neither should you.

So what I challenge you today
might seem intimidating
might seem absurd
but is necessary

Tear off your mask.

Show society you're not fearful,
but proud to be who you are.

What a refreshment it
will be.

Wear what you want
breach the walls

See below the surface.
Dig for diamonds.

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