Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty

The Mongols were nomadic people,in the 1200s they burst forth Central Asia and would eventually create the largest empire ever to exist and while doing so conquer China. They cam from the vast steppes that stretch across the north central part of Eurasia . For a long time the Mongols were separated into Clans with one leader called a Khan  In the 1100's a Kahn named Temujin started conquering the other clans and uniting them in 1206 he succeeded and was called Genghis Khan  which means universal leader. He made the Mongols a powerful army and enforced strict discipline under his leadership he set out to conquer and create a large empire. in  1260 Kublai Khan became the khan of the Mongol empire. He was determined to  complete the conquest of China although the Mongols ruled a lot of China the song dynasty still ruled their part but in 1979 the last Song emperor was defeated and Kublai khan created the Yuan Dynasty