Erik Sammons
Fisheries Officer

Carrier Research Project   

Necessary Job Skills

  • Needs to be able to undertake in investigative surveys of water quality and the health, spawning and movement of fish.
  • They police waterways to check for unlawful fishing.
  • Check anglers’ licences
  • Make writing reports
  • Prepare evidence and statements for prosecution cases.
  • Catching, measuring, examining and releasing fish and assessing their health
  • Making improvements to habitats through work on streams and river banks
  • Providing advice about the location of fish stock
  • Handling general inquiries from the public
  • Granting licences to move fish
  • Working with other organisations and agencies to plan environmental projects
  • offering information and advice to sports fisheries about legal/importation restrictions
  • keeping up to date with changes in legislation/EU directives

They should also show evidence in the flowing:

  • an interest in improving the environment.
  • an interest in fish and fishing.
  • good people skills.
  • the ability to analyse and interpret data.
  • a driving licence is useful for inland work, and boat-handling experience is helpful for marine work.

Education Requirements:

  • Most Fisheries Officers have a Bachelor's degree.
  • A degree in the biological sciences.
  • biology/biological sciences.
  • aquaculture and fisheries management/science.
  • environmental sciences.
  • marine science/oceanography.
  • land management.

Collage Description:

Northwest Missouri State is located  in the northern part of the state by the Iowa border. The collage is in a rural setting, a medium-sized, 4-year, public university with 5,542 total undergrads and 1,321 degree-seeking freshmen. The two degrees that are offered are Certificate, Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's.

Important Words: I love being outdoors and try to work out outside when I can. I spent most of my childhood outdoors.

This is important in my life because the quote talks about everything that I like to do outside and it explains who I am.

I love being outdoors and try to work out outside when I can. I spent most of my childhood outdoors.

Miranda Kerr

There are many people in my life who serve as a role model for me some of them are my Dad, and my Grandpa Sammons. I look up to them because they are hard workers and modest and nice people and I hope to become a person like them when I grow up. They have also been influential to lots of other people including my other brothers and my grandpa has been a role mold for my whole family.

From Reading the article "Fisheries officers nab eeler" I have learned more about the job of a fisheries officer. They found a man that was in possession of 700 kilograms of live eels. They were illegally stored on a farm, “

The article said "The alleged offender is not allowed to store any eels in freshwater, farm dams or areas closed to commercial fishing". This tells us of some of the things that people do and what fisheries officers have to do to keep the waters safe and make sure that no illegal trading is going on.   

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