Light Bulb
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how does it work?

The light bulb uses electricity to produce light. A current of electiricity is sent through a wire, or filament, inside the light bulb, and produces enough heat for the wire to glow.

when was it invented?

Thomas Edison invented the llight bulb in 1879.

positive and negative effects

After the light bulb was invented, it went on to produce light all throughout the world, but only 10% of the energy from most light bulbs is turned into light.

today's version

The present day light bulb is basically the same exact thing as when it was first invented, although the design has changed.

essential question

Between 1882 and 1920 the light bulb was especially popular and over that time, the number of generating plants grew to nearly 4,000. This brought more business and money to the North, who had all of these factories.

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