Rocks and Landforms

My rocks were Shale, Sandstone,Conglomerate, Brecca, Organi, Coal, and Limestone. These rocks all are found in the Uninted States. I used picked them because I couldn't chose witch other ones to pick. But these rocks are very unique in their own way. That's what I think anyway.

Shale rocks are so small that oil and nature gas products have a hard time moving through the rock.

Sandstone rocks are made of sand cemented into a rock.

Conglomerate are found in Rocky Mountains

Breccia can form during the emplacement of igneous bodies by explosives ex solution of volatile phase.

Coal is a black rock mostly made of carbon

Limestone is a chemical rock that has many uses in agriculture.

Secondary Rocks

Shale Rocks

Sandstone Rocks

Conglomerate Rocks

Breccia Rocks

Organic Rocks:



Metamorphic Rocks

My next rocks are Slate, Shale, Gneiss, Marble, and Quartzite. These rocks are all Metamorphic rocks that form in different shapes and sizes.

Slate forms from mud, stone, or shales.

Shale has to contain clay or volcanic ash.

Gneiss has been subjected to higher temperature and pressures.

Marble usually originates as limestone or dolomite.

Quartzite froms in high temperature and high pressures.

Slate Rocks

Schist Rocks

Gneiss Rocks

Marble Rock

Quartzite Rock

Igneous Rocks

My next set of rocks are Basalt, Granite, Obsidian, Pumice, and Phyolite. These are my Igneous rocks that I'm doing.

Basalt forms when bits of lava shoots out of a volcano.

Granite is a rock that has many uses in buildings

Obsidian forms when molten rocks cool very rapidly

Pumice os an extrusive rock with a vesicular texture and low gravity.

Rhythoite  is a rock with high content, it was made from lava also.