By:Osheanna Jones



Is this your first time teaching? Well if it is here is some tips for kids who like to teach. Well in this tack there is the materials you will need starting to teach and how to act….


Teaching is important because if you are a first timer kid who likes to teach well here is some tips. Such as the materials you need, starting to teach and how, specials + lunch+ math test and troubled kids.


Ok it’s your first day teaching you need to at least have four note books a math journal from a few years back few pencils a white board, ruler, note cards and that’s all of the materials you will need to teach.

Starting to teach and how

Are you about to teach? Well if so do you have your day planed? If your mom was your principle and the princible needs to know your students names for something do you have names? Witch grade are you teaching? A tip is to get one of your students to come up and ask a question you just came up with. Always act like your teaching real people. Do you have a room with books or a book shelf well if you do any how take a chair and make a comfy spot for them to read at.

Specials, lunch, math

Are you wanting to make it like real school well if so for specials line up your class and take them to a different room. Go back to your room and work on something you might need later on. For math get an old math journal and choose a page you know and want to do. The BEST part in school I think is lunch because lunch is whenever you get hungry they will go to your kitchen and eat while your class pretends to eat.

How to do test

For math test you get a copy of a test you made and that’s your key. Always make sure you know how to do everything on that test. You only need one copy then you pass out other sheets that aren’t really real sheets.

Troubled kids

Have you ever had a troubled kid in your class? Well you will need a safe seat. And a sheet of paper that will have how they are feeling and what happened.


Teaching is really fun. But there’s always things that aren’t fun but there’s even more fun things. Live decorating your room and teaching kids.


MATERIALS=things you will need.

TROBELED=acting bad

PRINCIBLE=your boss and in charge of your school.

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