By: Trinidy Caldwell

The Monster inside me
It's about to leave me
I scream, "Don't break lose! You can't do this! Please stop!"
It leaves

It destroys everything in its path
Buildings, stores,cars,homes,people
It's not a monster anymore
It's a demon

A demon who I tries to not escape,
escaped. It escaped.
The demon leaves the town in distress
Non-stop horns, smoke in the air, people screaming for help
and there is nothing I can do

I beg for him to stop
I'm begging, he stands and looks at me
And posses me
Now I'm the demon

Ruining everything in my path,
I come across my parents home
I almost destroy it
The demon inside me wants to destroy it

I hesitate
The demon is yelling at me
I don't know what to do
I'm breathing really hard
I start to cry
I fall to the ground

When I wake up
I realized it was just a dream
A few moments later I get out of bed
Then I look in the mirror

I'm still the demon

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