I'm Quanjin Heeri and i'm a Confederate. I live in Pioneer Tennessee. The date is August 15, 1863. I live with my sister mother. My brother is in the war right know. He is stationed Fort Donelson.

Day 1- I wake up make my sis and maw some breakfast. Then I go out and wake up the slaves and get them to work. Then I go fishing for dinner. I go to town and go to slave auctions. When I get back I make dinner for us to eat. I sit down and read a book. Get a shower and go to bed.

Day 2

Dear Dad,

I miss you, you have been gone for 2 years know. I heard the battle of Gettysburg was  a tough Battle. Many people got killed. I am holding down the fort why you are gone. I take care of mom and sis and I keep the slaves in line. I heard that the war might be over soon. If you get this wright me back.

Day 3  I woke up Got dressed got the hoe out started with my garden and then i made a fire. Then I Made dinner. I helped them by sending over food sending weapons and clothes.  

Dear Quanjin,

I got your letter and I'm writing you back. I just fought in the wa

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