Hiram Bingham

Gerardo Villacorta

what bingham rode and carried throughout his trip

background information

* Hiram bingham was born on November 19 1875 in Honolulu Hawaii

*he was in a academic career earning a doctorate in Latin american history

*machu picchu is a ancient incan city

what was his motivation  

Hiram Bingham followed  a old Spanish trading route bringing him to Peru on a trip to south america. after exploring choqquequiau (a ancient city left by the icans) he heard of the ican capital vitcos he was determined to find it. many people thought he was in search for machu picchu he was actually in search for vitcos. (hiram bingham)

Bingham along with his companions

what was his journey like going through Peru

Bingham traveled by mule along with others to find the incan capital. he passed by the valleys of yucay and through the gardens of ollantoitambo. he camped by a nearby river where the owner of a nearby hut came to ask what they were doing. after the man mentioning a nearby ruin bingham persuaded him to take him. he crossed the river on a rickety bridge where he found machu picchu. (hiram bingham)

Bingham by his tent in a camp

what did he do after discovering the ican ruins

returning to Peru three times bingham excavated many objects including jewelry, musical instruments, and even human bones. (orson) After returning to the united states he became lieutenant governor of Connecticut, soon elected governor. later he was elected into the u.s. senate. also he volunteered for WWI. after learning to fly he became the chief of air personnel in the air service. (hiram bingham)

Bingham in his military uniform


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machu picchu what he discovered

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