The red stands for the bloodshed of unity; the white for a bright future; black for the dark past.

Yemen is a peninsula and has the size of France. The country is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden (Indian Ocean).

The capital of Yemen is Sana'a . It is the largest city in Yemen and is located in the South-West of the country. Over 2 million people live in Sana'a. It has a long history, buildings are ancient, unique and spectacular.

Yemen is located in west Asia and has around 24 million inhabitants.

Yemen is one of the least developed countries in the world.

This is a traditional meal in Yemen. It consists of vegetables and bread. Most of the time they're not able to afford meat.

Soccer is the most famous sport in Yemen but camel jumping is a traditional sport in the West.  Jumpers try to sail over as many camels as possible, before tumbling to the ground.

Since Yemen is a Islamic society the women appear in public fully covered. Women in Yemen have minimal rights to education, marriage, health care, and they are denied many basic human rights.

There are a lot of conflicts in Yemen because of the different religions. Even in the islam itself between the Sunni Muslims and the Shi'a Muslims.

Yemen is controlled by different groups like the government, Houthi brothers and the Al Qaeda. There are wars all over the country.

Yemen's constitution is based on the Sharia law. Sharia law covers public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. Of all legal systems in the world today, Islam's Sharia law is the most strict one.

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