OCTOBER 27, 1940


Jews across Warsaw were forced into small, crammed spaces. More than 10,000 have been collected since October 10. Nazis pulled each of them away from their property, forcing them to live on the 4,023 meter piece of land.

These living spaces are reportedly horrible and unhealthy. They are dirty and supply little amounts of food.

Each person is marked with a large yellow Star Of David band on their coat sleeves or any of article of clothing they own. The Nazis are making sure no Jew escapes. There are 6 meter walls built along the perimeter of the ghetto.

Nazis are reportedly making the ghettos as unpleasant as possible. Guards are around every wall and gate making sure nobody escapes.

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Times like this are very terrifying. Especially for children. They are too young to understand what's going on. We questioned a local boy named Hans Peter Richter about his feelings.

"Do you know what is happening between the Jews and Nazis?"



-The Nazis don't like Jewish people.

"Do you know why?"


"What have you heard?"

-The Nazis put them in special houses.

"Are you scared this is going to happen to you or another family member?"


"Do you know anyone that is Jewish?"



-My friend Friedrich.


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