The Alvin

Deep Sea Submersible

Greatest Depth

The Alvin can reach depths up to 21,325 feet below the surface.


The inventor and most influential being on the Alvin's design, was Allyn Vine.


The Alvin can hold up to three people at a time; a pilot and two passengers.


The Alvin is 23 feet and 4 inches in length.


The Alvin has the newest technology that can help scientists study biologics, chemicals, geochemical, geological, and geophysical studies.


The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution currently owns and operates the Alvin.


The data the Alvin can collect is photo and video.


-The Alvin assisted the French Americans in confirming the theory of a spreading sea floor.

-The Alvin was used to discover the first sea floor vents.

-In 1966, the sub was used to help locate and retrieve a hydrogen bomb that had been lost after an American B-52 and a tanker collided over the Mediterranean Sea.