The Crusades:
In the point of view of the Jews

the cesars felix | mr. burruel

                                                ABOUT THE JEWS

The Jews found Jerusalem highly important because it had a lot of religious and political significance. it was also the homeland of the jews, and it was snatched from them by the Romans, the Romans destroyed all the churches and crushed the Jewish temple. the Jews scattered throughout communities around Mediterranean and Babylonia. during the 4th century the emperor Constantine adopted the religion of Christianity and made churches and temples in Jerusalem and the Jews were banned from jerusalem until the day of the destruction of the city. in the 7th century the Persians ,with the help of the Jews, took over the city of Jerusalem but, in 629 the Byzantines took over once again the city of Jerusalem and the Jews were again deprived. But as the same time new power was rising, Islam became the popular religion and the Islamic people began to take over Palestine and other nearby cities.


The crusade or christian wars officially began in the 11th century and they began in Clunny, France, because they found out that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem was in control by the Muslims. Then the crusades started and a big war was raging. they thought fighting for Jerusalem was very important because it had political and religious significance  and also in the 10th century it was named the capitol of Judaism by King Solomon. The Jews thought that all the other people in the crusades should not have or own Jerusalem because they thought that Jerusalem was their land. the Jews never got Jerusalem, the Europeans were the ones that won Jerusalem. When the jews lost they were burned alive and sold into slavery. But in the 12th and 13th century the Jews were allowed to stay in jerusalem. The Jews were never one of the first picks to win the crusades nor did they always win, it was the European that were strong and almost always won.

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