2009 Ripely's Believe it or not

2009 Ripley’s Believe it or Not (book)

By: Thomas Truong

Although there’s several “2009 Ripley’s Believe it or Not” the 2009 one is the weirdest. In the 2009 believe it or not show and tells about bazaar things. How the book tell about this kid name Michael Kearny knew how to talk ate 6 months, went college ate 6 years old, and graduated from college at the age of 10 with a degree in science. The craziest thing is that this girl balance of top of the water, while hold a bamboo stick, and doing the splits.

The thing I like in the 2009 believe it or not was the weirdest accomplishments. This old man hold water buckets with his lids, isn’t that crazy. Also kids in Attica were jump on and off the ice block in the cold water. In India people made a model of the Taj Mahal out of oranges and lemons

The stuff I did not like was all the gross things in the 2009 believe it or not book. One gross thing was that this adult ate worms up to his neck. (Nasty) this guy ate heads like a carnival. He cook then ate. That’s why I can’t wait until I get to read the 2010 Ripley’s believe or not.


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