My Tribes

* I'm  the tribe of weaves

I love getting my hair done in different weaves at least every two weeks GOTTA STAY CUTe👌

* I'm the tribe of different color clothing

I love wearing different colors, bright colors🎉

* I'm the tribe of bows

I love wearing bows on my head with every outfit even if it's a different color as my outfit🎀

* I'm the tribe of mascara

I hAve to look unsleepy for school I be looking dead💄

* I'm the tribe of shopping at rainbow clothing store

I love they clothes there so fashionable and colorful👗👙

I'm really the tribe of weaves because I get my hair done every other week for school but I mostly get curly and blonde or black long weaves. I'm also the tribe of bows because also, every day I come to school with a different color bow to wear even if it don't match my clothing that I'm wearing right along with it.

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3 years ago

Great but need to add another paragraph.

3 years ago

Great job