Apps for K-12 Classrooms

By Breanne Frizzell

1. BrainPOP:

  • What is BrainPop? It is a free app that can be accessed on almost all devices. It has fun animated educational videos on a variety of topics and subjects
  • How can BrainPOP be used in a classroom? BrainPOP is useable for any subject within grades 3-9. It could be used as a fun intro. to the class/topic to engage interest from students, or you could allow students to use the app freely during free time because it is fun yet still educational and students would want to use the app.

2. VideoScience:

  • What is VideoScience? It is a free app for all ages that has a ton of cool videos of experiments and concepts
  • How can VideoScience be used in the classroom? VideoScience is a great app to have because at your school you might not have the proper tools or materials to do certain experiments and this way students can see things visually and with great description. This will really aid in learning having a visual and auditory lesson while being engaged and interested in the concept/topic.

3. EarthViewer:

  • What is EarthViewer? It is a really cool free app that you can use to look at and analyze Earth's biological and geographical history. You can go as far back as 1 billion years!
  • How can EarthViewer be used in the classroom? Sometimes geography or climate may be quite dull or boring to the students. But with this app, students can see in really graphic and detailed images of Earth over many many years. Very useful when wanting to engage interest of students for many different topics/concepts (eg. climate, geography, geology, biology, oceanography, etc.)

4. Edmodo

  • What is Edmodo? Edmodo is a free app that enhances communication between students, parents and teacher. You can connect from anywhere with almost any device. It is a safe and easy way for communication and collaboration.
  • How can Edmodo be used in the classroom? Edmodo can be used for multiple reasons. You can create a poll to see what students want or favor, or you can reach them while at home to update or remind them about an assigment/test/quiz. It's very beneficial and relevant for todays classroom.

5. Flipboard

  • What is Flipboard? Flipboard is a social media app that provides you with relevant and worldly sources, articles, and events. You choose the topics that you are interested in and it gives you all related pieces from magazines, newspapers, online sites from around the world. You can save and send specific pieces.
  • How can Flipboard be used in the classroom? Flipboard can be used in many different subject areas. You could assign students a weekly event or clip that they must look up and present or summarize individually or to the class. It is a great way for students to stay relevant and informed on local or worldly topics and provides a mode for discussion in the class.

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