Lu Ann Sidney

The Personal Interests of Lu Ann Sidney

About Lu Ann Sidney

Based out of Victoria, Minnesota, Lu Ann Sidney maintains a career in technology as owner and principal with LNS Consulting Services. A former research specialist with 3M Company, Dr. Sidney offers guidance on manufacturing concerns, radiation sterilization and processing, patent analysis, and chemical sourcing. Her accomplishments with the consultancy include solving a dimensional stability issue with an engineering thermoplastic, aiding start-up medical device companies in determining the best sterilization practices, and conducting market research and analysis projects on Minnesota's medical device industry. Moreover, Lu Ann Sidney has contributed her services as a senior materials specialist and as a consultant to companies in Belgium and Canada.

In charitable matters, Dr. Sidney supports several non-profit organizations. Interested in animal welfare, she donates to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota and its cause of providing medical care to ill and injured animals. She also provides funding for student scholarships to Concordia College, her undergraduate alma mater, where she earned a bachelor of arts in chemistry and French.

During her spare time, Lu Ann Sidney enjoys traveling internationally and throughout America, and she relaxes by cooking and gardening. Fond of Asian cuisine, she also enjoys experimenting with recipes from the 1950s and 1960s. Her professional research affects this interest as well, as she has studied the irradiation of food as part of her consulting work.

Making International Travel as Enjoyable and Easy as Possible

An organic chemistry doctoral graduate of the University of Maryland, Lu Ann Sidney currently provides expertise in material selection for gamma radiation sterilization and medical devices as the founder and principal of LNS Consulting Services. When she’s not busy with work, Lu Ann Sidney is an avid international traveler. Those planning an international trip would be wise to keep a few tips in mind.

Traveling overseas can be intimidating for some, but there are several things that can be done to make it easier and more enjoyable. Some countries refuse entry to travelers if their passport is due to expire within six months, while others accept passports until the actual expiration date, so it’s important that travelers are aware of any problems they may encounter before visiting a particular place. Similarly, getting cash and using credit cards are different in other countries. Some banks charge extra fees when pulling cash out of an ATM that is outside of their network, and some credit cards companies maintain foreign transactions fees.

Once inside the country, it can be very helpful to pick up a hotel business card before exploring. This ensures travelers can find their way back to the hotel if they get lost. It can simplify asking for directions from locals who speak a different language.

While it’s common for travelers to quickly run through all the main sights and attractions during an international trip, slowing down can provide a much more complete experience. Trying local restaurants and food is often an exciting adventure on its own, and hiring a guide can greatly help newer travelers experience some of the commonly missed aspects of a country.

Career Services from the American Chemical Society

As the principal of LNS Consulting Services, Lu Ann Sidney has provided clients with guidance on the manufacturing of medical devices. Lu Ann Sidney keeps up with industry trends through her membership in the American Chemical Society (ACS).

The ACS's mission includes public education, increasing diversity, and advocacy for future chemists. To achieve that last goal, the ACS provides several member services aimed at advancing careers and starting businesses.

The ACS Career Fair places job hunters and employers in contact with each other. Online or during ACS national meetings, applicants can provide resumes, investigate openings, and schedule interviews.

Many ACS meetings also facilitate Career Pathway Workshops, in which members can consult with experts on entering the field and customizing their job applications. Members can also meet one-to-one with consultants to review resumes and engage in mock interviews.

The society assists entrepreneurs that are making advances in areas such as instruments, pharmaceuticals, or materials. ACS offers instruction on devising sound business plans and marketing them to potential investors or partners.