Lucas Alberto Noriega Diaz

Lucas Alberto Noriega Diaz Enjoys Fishing, Cooking, and Sports

About Lucas Alberto Noriega Diaz

Lucas Alberto Noriega Diaz is an active member of his local church and the Catholic community. He enjoys a wide range of hobbies and entertainment outside of work, frequently following soccer, especially the Spanish team Real Madrid. Also a fan of football, basketball, and Venezuelan baseball, he supports many local teams, including the Best Magayanes. He also enjoys cooking and fishing, and he frequently cooks the fish he catches during trips. Some of his favorite dishes are paella, marlin, and mahi-mahi.

Professionally, Lucas Alberto Noriega Diaz is a farming consultant for chicken and hog growers in Venezuela. Possessing years of experience in dealing with hogs, processing plants, grains, feed mills, and broilers, he expertly guides farmers through the process of building a more efficient farm. His experience in the field began under the guidance of his father, who manufactured bell drinkers for broilers. Bell drinkers provide easily accessible water to poultry and prevent spillage, allowing for more efficient water usage. Mr. Diaz learned the business and expanded it to include more farming options, which he now offers to other farmers. He belongs to the Venezuelan Poultry Association.

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