mucas Randrianarivelo

Day 1

Today, I made a model of Eva from Wall-e. When I finished doing so, I decided to add dreadlocks to my creation. Later, I realized that it started to look like Cody from "Surfs Up." When I actually 3D print my creation I will take away the dreadlocks and make it look more like Eva.

Day 2

Today, I made a castle out of clay. It has four walls, and a tower at every point that the walls meet. There is also a big gate at the front. Later, we had a challenge to build a castle out of cardboard with three other partners. Our group built a three story castle with a draw bridge and a big grid gate as a back up. In the end, our group won Most Creative because the judges liked our gridded gate idea, how we used our phones to show pictures of actual Kings and Queens, and how our team name is Grunchen based of one of our team members Gretchen.


Day 3

Today, was our first day of actual 3D work. We used and did multiple tutorial lessons on how to use Tinkercad. After I finished all the lessons I decided to make a money-clip because I knew it would be a very useful tool for me. It was quite simple and I was very excited to come back the next day to see my creation.


Day 4

Today, was our first day of Tackk, and my first time ever on this site. This gives me the option to share my cool work with the world so that others may enjoy my creation as well. Along with learning about Tackk, I made a name-tag.

Name Tag

Day 5

Today, is my last day of camp. Next week I am doing another camp. Today, we actually started 3D printing. We used Tinkercad to make castles, and Thingiverse for inspiration.