A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Craig Lucey
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Carl's Jr. All-Natural Burger
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Craig Lucey

The Carl’s Junior “All Natural Burger” commercial features the newest big name in the modeling industry, Charlotte McKinney. It begins with the model, who appears to be naked strutting her way down a crowded city street of a farmer’s market As she is walking she is gathering a tremendous amount of attention, especially from the men in the market. She causes great commotion at the farmers market with all the attention she is attracting. Once she is about halfway down the street she starts talking about how she likes things that are “all natural” which leads in to her introducing the new Carl’s Jr. All Natural Burger. She stops walking down the farmer’s market, lifts up the All Natural burger to her mouth and takes a huge bite out of it. This commercial knows exactly who it intends to reach. This commercial does a good job introducing the product, getting your attention, and making great use of pathos, ethos, and logos.

The commercial opens up with great use of pathos or emotional appeal. It starts with a stunning model walking naked down the street which provokes lust and a sexual appeal. Her body is cropped so that just her head and upper torso is showing, and of course she is walking in slow motion, with her boobs bouncing, just to emphasize the sexual appeal that is already evident. The sexual appeal becomes more of a major theme in the commercial as she continues to walk down the street as it flashes to different shots, one of which is from behind and the only thing covering her butt is two apples. A hand comes in to grab one of the apples, but you obviously don’t see anything explicit, you just seem to be teased by this shot. Even just the way the model speaks evokes sexual appeal. The song in the background is rock and roll song and the scenery is a farmer’s market. Farming and rock and roll are not only masculine but also patriotic. This commercial also has comedy which is a very popular strategy in advertising for displaying emotional appeal. The guy carving ice suddenly seems carve a lot faster when he sees Charlotte McKinney, and the guy whom is hosing down the fruit drops his jaw and stops his watering duty immediately. This commercial definitely knows its target audience. By emotionally appealing to our interest in sex, patriotism and comedy, it directly targets men with love of their country, women, and enjoy a good laugh too.

The ethical appeal, or ethos, is very apparent, too. Ethos is credibility which basically means that the viewers of this commercial need to know that the person/people in the commercial is credible. Carl’s Jr. chose the beautiful Charlotte McKinney as their source of ethos. Charlotte is the next big thing in modeling and obviously takes great care of her body so who else is better to represent the “All Natural Burger”. Who's really going to question the credibility of someone who clearly knows how to take care of their body?

Logos is the use of logical appeal and is the persuasion by use of reasoning. Usually logos uses statistics and factual evidence to support their central claim. This commercial uses a lot of logical appeal. Charlotte says, “Nothing between me and my 100% all natural, juicy grass feed beef”. Also at the end it has words role through the screen stating “no antibiotics”, “no added hormones”, and “no steroids”. Coming from someone who knows nothing about cows or hamburgers or what's in them, it sounds as though Carl’s Jr. has produced the healthiest leanest burger in the fast food industry. Along with these appeals to logic the narrator’s voice that comes on at the end proclaims that this burger is the first ever of its kind to be sold in fast food which creates an extra incentive to go out and buy this product.

This commercial does the exact thing that it what intended to do. The producers of this commercial knew its target audience and went after it. It had a strong attention getter. Right from the beginning this commercial had my attention and maintained it throughout the entirety of the advertisement. It had strong appeals to pathos, ethos, and logos. This commercial worked for me, but for others I can see how this commercial came up short in getting their attention. For example, my views towards the music choice, the girl, and scenery corresponded well with what I wanted to see, but if you asked my mother about the commercial I’m sure there would be a completely different reaction to the commercial. In fact when I was watching the commercial in class in preparation for writing this analysis the girl who sits behind me watched the commercial over my shoulder and said that she thought the commercial was “ stupid”. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized the importance of pathos, ethos, and logos and how different each person’s appeals truly are.

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