The Modern Man Review - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

The Modern Man, How to get out of the friend zone

The Modern Man Review - The Man, The Myth, The Miracle

The Modern Man website and products claim to be a foolproof way to get results for men wanting sex or relationships from women. Being able to “get into their pants” has always been the object of many men’s desires, yet products purporting to deliver often fall far short of the mark. A myth is something that we cannot substantiate as truth. Whereas a miracle is something we never thought could happen and is substantiated by actual eyewitness proof. Dan Bacon the founder of the Modern Man and self-described guru on dating, relationships and getting the woman you want professes his system can help you. This article will review his claims.

The Products & Claims

The Modern Man has 11 products in total offering varying levels of advice on conversation, dating, relationships, how to get the girl of your dreams and how to escalate conversations into kissing, dating, and sex. Dan Bacon claims to provide answers to age-old questions and solutions to age-old problems that men with low self-esteem and confidence seem to have. Through e-books, audio files and video files the products provide advice on various aspects of dating and relationships. The website provides an intimate breakdown of all the products which is refreshing to see. It does not hide behind statements such as “buy it and reap the rewards”, yet provides an in-depth look at each product before you purchase. Each product description is fully fleshed out giving you an exact itinerary of what is included in the product. For example “The Modern Relationship” video product description lets you know you will learn about the following:

A cutting-edge approach to relationships

Modern relationship killers

Ideal relationship dynamics

The next 15 years

Maintain power and control

The five categories of compatibility

The wrong woman

The perfect balance

Deep satisfaction

Stopping tantrums and bad behavior

Making her addicted to sex with you

Making her orgasm without trying

Stopping your relationship from becoming boring

Deepening the love, respect and attraction

Avoiding social media’s affect on your relationship

Modern romance

Maximum love and happiness

By understanding all of the information you will learn in this product Dan Bacon provides information that most self-help gurus avoid: the truth. His products cost between $37 and $297 and run from just 1.75 hours up to almost 11 hours of audio or video and the sole e-book runs 231 pages.

Testimonials and Guarantee

When making decisions on buying self-help products the two most important aspects to ensure you get what is advertised is by examining the products testimonials and success stories and if they have a guarantee. Without evidence that the product works or chance to get your money back you could be throwing money away. The Modern Man makes it easy for you to trust them. A 30 day full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied provides peace of mind for an initial purchase. By looking at their website you will notice on their Success Stories page there are actually live video interview success stories. Dan Bacon also provides audio success stories in the traditional text-based testimonials. Furthermore at the bottom of the page there are over 126 posted success stories by purchasers that have posted directly to the website and all have responses from Dan Bacon.

Bonus Material

One of the most important aspects of getting a self-help product is validating the “expertise” of the guru. One simple way to do this is to see if the founder practices what they preach. The Modern Man provides a blog with over 300 posts with bonus articles and advice; and all around wealth of information that is free. Dan Bacon’s Google plus page also provides hundreds of pictures, stories and events from his own experience.

Most consumers are skeptical of self-help gurus and their claims. The Modern Man by Dan Bacon provides assurances, testimonials and guarantee that provides peace of mind for those willing to make the leap of faith for bettering their confidence and dating skills. Without any real risk to you the consumer they make it very easy and affordable to buy their products. Dan avoids the fallacy of myth and substantiates his claims of miracle results with true testimonials.

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